5 Tips and Tricks for Reading Ebooks with Stanza

By | June 22, 2011

Stanza is a free ebook reading app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. I’m an enthusiastic user of this app — hardly a day goes by that I’m not reading books, magazines and articles on Stanza.

These are my 5 favorite tips & tricks for reading ebooks with Stanza:

  • switch to white letters on black if you are reading in bed. You can do this by opening a book to read, then tapping the yin/yang icon at bottom center. This way, you can read comfortably in the darkness without a glaringly bright screen. You can also use this setting to read books without disturbing others with your screen glare; in a darkened plane, for example, or even in a theatre or auditorium.
  • speed up the pageturn animation. If you’re a fast reader, like I am, you probably won’t want to wait for an animation every time you turn the page. In Stanza, you can set the pageturn speed to almost zero. Then it just takes a light tap on the right side of the screen to go to the next page, or a tap on the left side to go back. Even though the iPhone screen isn’t that big, this way you can read at top speed. It’s actually faster than an e-ink reader!
  • get free books anywhere by tapping Get Books > Catalog. Here, you can download thousands of books from book repositories like Gutenberg.org and the Random House Free Library. Stanza will automatically organize the books for you by title and author.
  • use Stanza to easily transfer ebooks from your desktop computer to your iPhone. You won’t need iTunes for this, just a free library program called Calibre. I explain how this works in detail here.
  • The Now Reading icon will only show you one book, the one you’ve been reading most recently. To see your 10 latest reads, tap Library > Groups > Latest Reads. This is very useful if you want to switch quickly between several books, or if you just want to see what you’ve been reading in the past couple of months.
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